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From initial concept through final execution, every
Hogtailz motorcycle accessory is created to exacting standards by seasoned craftsmen. Our multi-step production process ensures that you’ll receive only the finest-quality finished products.



Like all great creative endeavors, our process begins with a killer design, theme or concept. Whether the original inspiration springs from your imagination or ours, whether you need it to incorporate your club logo, mascot, or any other graphic, our design specialists will work with you to fine-tune the design, create the blueprint, and execute the finished piece. 

100% Made in the USA
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Ultra-precise waterjet technology is the secret to the intricate cutwork we create on fenders, footboards, back plates, exhaust shields, or on just about any other place on your bike. Powerful water jets, forced through cutting nozzles under extreme pressure (up to 100,000 psi), enable us to make finely detailed cuts that conventional mills or lathes just cannot replicate.



Our fabricators specialize in applying unusual materials in unexpected ways to unconventional areas of your bike. Our custom

cut-out fender designs are unique, distinctive, and always attract attention. Our back rests are constructed from Billet Aluminum which is not only lighter, stronger, and more durable than steel, it’s also completely rustproof.



At Hogtailz, we know that the details make all the difference. By thinking outside the box, we’ll help you create a truly unique ride. And that includes providing a wide range of finishing options from which to choose. Whether you want your custom accessory chromed, enamel painted, airbrushed, undercoated, or powder coated, we can do it all.




Rembrandt, Picasso and Van Gogh had nothing on us. Our custom painters and detailers create rolling works of art – pieces that are not only roadworthy, they’re museum quality and gallery caliber. And we don’t limit our repertoire to skulls, flames, and Celtic crosses, either. Our designs are as individual as you are; as limitless as your imagination.





Everything we do is done with the human touch. Nothing leaves our facility without first having been inspected by human eyes and scrutinized by human hands. Throughout the production process, our custom work is fabricated and finished completely by hand by 100% American craftsmen using 100% American materials. No robots. No production lines.

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